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Carte blanche given by the Théâtre Le Public (Bruxelles) to Pietro Pizzuti ; collectively written by Donatienne Cappelle, Catherine Graindorge, Caroline Kempeneers, Magali Pinglaut, Pietro Pizzuti, Virginie Thirion and Laurence Vielle. A tribute to extinct animals, including ourselves. A zoological farce played by and for 5 humanoids in a cage. A chaotic tragicomedy about the extinction of species caused by mankind and its own impending extinction. To top it all off, a psycho-affective snapshot of the actors. « ... Subtle, colourful collective writing. A plethora of tones and styles. It’s devilish fun ! » (Roger Simons)

The characters:

Catherine, Donatienne, Magali, Laurence, Pietro

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French script:

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