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B.U.I.T.E.N. Airlines

On the eve of his annual leave, Jos Verbeeck, a happy-go-lucky forty-something Belgian with an Olympian physique and an earthy local accent, boards flight 292 of the new Belgian airline, B.U.I.T.E.N. Airlines(Brussels Undercover Intervention Team for Expulsion of Non-natives Airlines), bound for Athens. He is looking forward to his well-earned break in the Cyclades. However, after boarding and getting to the back of the plane to take up his usual seats, he comes face-to-face with two National security agents who are blocking his way. His seats are behind them and seem to have been taken by three men, one of whom is struggling to get free from the grips of two other agents who are holding him down on the ground. The man is whining like a piglet. He is apparently being expelled from Belgian territory and forcibly repatriated. No matter … citizen-holidaymaker Jos Verbeeck has no intention of being bossed around. Nor does he intend to give up his usual seats without a peep.

The characters:

Jos Verbeeck

French script:

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