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Du Coq à Lasne

From 12 April 2012 to 26 May 2012 at the Théâtre Le Public.
Written by Laurence Vielle.
Directed by Pietro Pizzuti.
With Laurence Vielle.
Images by Michel Agius.
Composition and interpretation Vincent Granger (clarinets) and Helena Ruegg (bandoneon) each other day.

An intimate journey from Le Coq to Lasne, lost into the memories of a Belgian family.
"During World War II, there was a resistant in my Flemish family, who was a member of Comet, and there was as well a collaborator, founder of the Pilgrimage of the Yser tower. The first died at Flossenburg in March 1945 at the age of 34, while the second was still alive after the war. This story is a family secret. Nobody talks about it. One has to behave well ... "

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