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One night a father and son are talking to each other. The father has just been elected to high office, but his son did not vote for him. They engage in their customary verbal jousts. They play at showing disdain for each other, make camouflaged confessions, settle their scores or engage in pretence, hide their intentions sometimes and laugh, sometimes coarsely. The kif* that they are smoking for the first time together causes them to lower the tone and sharpens the blade of the flickknife that one of them has unwisely taken out of his pocket.

*Mixture of tobacco and Indian hemp.

The characters:
P : The father
F : The son


Performed at the Théâtre des Martyrs (Brussels) on 22 April 2010 ; Director and scenographer : Christine Delmotte ; Cast : Christian Crahay and Cédric Eeckhout ; Lighting and scenery : Nathalie Borlée ; Costumes : Cathy Peraux : Music : Pascale Seys ; Sound and lighting production, : Philippe Fontaine; Administration and production : Gabrielle Dailly.

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