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L’eau du loup - The Wolf’s water

An old house from the colonial period in a large Southern country. At the back of the property springs an age-old source from which the village draws its lifeblood. A woman and a white-haired man are speaking to each other. They appear to be poles apart: he is the managing director of one of the world’s biggest water extraction companies; she is the owner of the house. There is a gulf between them … and has been since childhood.

The characters:

Her : she only looks her age when she looks at him in a certain way. Him : he is about the same age and ages in a similar way to her when he looks at her.


First performed at the Théâtre des Martyrs on 8 January 2008 under the direction of Christine Delmotte. Cast:Jacqueline Bir and Pierre Laroche; director’s assistant: Manu Happart; scenography and costumes : Catherine Somers; lighting: Nathalie Borlée; musical research: Pascale Seys; sound and lighting : Sébastien Guillaume; general assistant: Gabrielle Dailly.

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