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L’hiver de la cigale - Pinocchio’s tears

Winter 2002. Laura Welter has been placed in custody. She is accused of killing General Oscar Antonio Somadossi Roederer, a former ruling dictator in her country. The judicial authorities are preparing the case against her and, if found guilty, will need to establish a motive. The defence counsel, Maître Nathalie Franchi, is having a hard time gettng the defendant to cooperate. That is the price she has to pay for discovering the truth. A face-to-face encounter between two women who are risking their lives and who have chosen to use different means to achieve the same objective: the struggle for a better world.

The characters:

Laura Welter: 44 years old, Nathalie Franchi : 43 years old.

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Performed at the Théâtre Le Public (Brussels) on 9 September 2010 under the direction of Magali Pinglaut. Cast: Nathalie Cornet and Laurence Vielle ; Lighting : Maximilien Westerlinck ; Scenery and costumes:Anne Guilleray, ...

Translated into English by William Snow under the title « Pinocchio’s Tears ». Read out at the Festival d’Avignon on 19 July 2004 at the Théâtre des Doms within the framework of the « Vent du Nord » RépliQ – SACD and at the Théâtre de l’Est Parisien on 21 November 2008.

Script in english:

PDF - 323.5 kb