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L’initiatrice - The initiator

First performed at the Théâtre Le Public on 9 September 2009 under the direction of Guy Theunissen. Cast: Babetida Sadjo and Patricia Ide. Nowadays, in the world that we will pass on to our heirs, a white woman discovers a black woman squatting in an empty flat to which she has the keys. She is the daughter of Nura, her one-time cleaning lady. Nura was imprisoned for carrying out female genital mutilation. She served her sentence and went back home. The white lady has never had an opportunity to speak to Nura, to tell her she did not inform on her and does not know how she came to be arrested.

The characters:

A : Adama, young black woman B : The white woman


Performed at the Théâtre Le Public (Brussels) on 9 September 2009, and directed by Guy Theunissen. Cast: Florence Crick and Babetida Sadjo ; Assistant director : Cachou Kirsch, ODEChair : Jolyon Yates ; Costumes : Raphaëlle Debattice ; Vidéo: Benoît Gillet ; Lighting : Laurent Kaye; Sound : Lucien Truddaïu, Production : Rémy Brans/Vincent Lemoine; Technical director : Maximilien Westerlinck.

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