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La résistante - Resistant author

A woman writes a play about which we know nothing apart from what we learn from the two characters who speak to her: a woman who is one of life’s fighters and a child soldier. The play deals with the issues of war, the violence that is prevalent in men, their propensity to harm each other, as if it were an irreversible illness. The two characters rebel against their author. They accuse her of cowardice because through her writing she gives legitimacy to the passivity of the audience which, like her, has given up any vague attempt at action as they sit comfortably in their seats. They tell her that the theatre cannot change the world; that to believe the opposite is the dream of intellectuals. They refuse to be puppets in an imaginary tragedy. They say that reality is far more horrible than any fiction and that for centuries now the theatre of tragedies has done nothing to inspire peace amongst men. She resists. She says that writing is her way of resisting barbarity. She does not say if it serves any purpose, nor to whom? She no longer knows if it is better to write than to do nothing. Sometimes nothing could get the better of her. But she resists. She is capable of nothing else. She writes.

The characters:

Nourit, the author, the child soldier.


Performed at the rencontres théâtrales internationals in Yaoundé, Cameroon, in November 2004 and at the théâtre le Public (Brussels) in January 2006, directed by Guy Theunissen,. Cast:Zigoto Tchaya, Yaya Mbile, Catherine Salée and Maître Mamadou Aliou Barry. Assistant director, sound and lighting: Francis Beidi; stage and general management: Serge Fouha; stage scenery: Issa Lucien, Denis Sufo; costumes : Doudou Félicité.Prix à l’édition SACD-LANSMAN du Concours de l’Union des Artistes-2003; Prix du Théâtre 2006.

Read by the author at the Avignon Festival on 7 July 2002 within the framework of the «Mots d’auteur» initiative (SACD) devised by Vera Feyder.

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French script:

Éditions Lansman www.lansman.org

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