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Le silence des mères - Mothers’ silence

A mother and her daughter. They both have cancer. The mother does not know yet; she talks a lot. The daughter knows she has cancer, but says nothing. She dies first, without saying a word. The mother discovers the truth and says nothing, as did her daughter. Before dying, she meets her daughter’s biological mother and learns how to listen to others.

The characters:

M : The mother F : The daughter B : The biological mother


First performed at the Théâtre des Martyrs on 20 April 2006. Director and scenographer: Christine Delmotte (Compagnie Biloxi 48); assistant director: Ana Rodriguez; lighting and scenography: Nathalie Borlée; costumes: Cathy Peraux; sound and lighting: Vincent Tadonnet; general assistant: Gabrielle Dailly. Cast: Suzy Falk, Nicole Valberg, Valérie Bauchau, Farida Boujraf. Performed again in Brussels and on tour in June 2007. Prix du Théâtre 2006.

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