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Les ailes de la nuit - The wings of the night

We are on a large boat out on the seas, or sitting out on a patio overlooking the Piazza Navona … what is certain is that throughout the action the night is descending and dawn is taking an age to arrive. There are four protagonists, two of whom are or were a couple. They meet, abandon each other, desire each other, ignore each other and remember … where they have come to to talk? To the source of the lie that is to love. Drawn by the approaching daylight, they will only survive by feeding off their short, unexpected silences.

The characters:

Yolande Durieux : in her forties, beautiful and falsely loose, Mario Conti : in his forties, with an Italian accent, Armide Polieuscu : 58, enigmatic and fascinating, Rumor Polieuscu : her husband, in his sixties, a thespian.


The play was first performed on 23 April 1985 at the Théâtre de l’Esprit Frappeur (Bruxelles) under the direction of Bernard De Coster. The cast by order of appearance, Stéphane Auberghen (Yolande Durieux), David Pontremoli (Mario Conti), Marie-Ange Dutheil (Armide Polieuscu) and Jacques Lippe (Rumor Polieuscu). Scenography and costumes: Thierry Bosquet; Make-up: Jean-Pierre Finotto.

French script:

Éditions Groupe Aven

PDF - 205.6 kb

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