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N’être / Birth (or not)

The play and the characters:

In a world where babies walk around eyes open wide taking in exhaust fumes, where soon cloning will replace hugging, where barbarity has been destroying man since time memorial, we still beget children with an unshakeable hope which is searching for the meaning of life. « N’être » is the title of a show that comes to life before your very eyes each evening. There is nothing anyone can do about it - the theatre is a place where everything is created afresh each evening. Since we have been working on this show, Laurence has given birth to a Marilou, Nathalie a Zoé, Cécile a Lucas and Etienne a Morgane, and then a Maël… « N’être » talks about the key stages in life: birth and death. Birth thwarts death and death brings life to a close, one leads to the other, but which of the two signals a start and which an end? A legend explains the origin of the little groove that we all have above our upper lip: from the time he is in his mother’s stomach, a baby knows everything about the world and its secrets; when he is born, great is his desire to tell us everything, but as he opens his mouth an angel appears and places a finger over his lips: shush !* « N’être » is a bit of silence that is broken on a theatre stage, without an ounce of despair, but with a bit of everything else … you will see! * in « Le bébé est une personne » by Bernard Martino (Éditions J’ai lu)


First performed on 8 October 2002 at the Théâtre de la Balsamine (Bruxelles) under the direction of the author, inspired and performed by: Stéphane Auberghen, Nathalie Laroche, Cécile Leburton, David Quertigniez, Pietro Pizzuti, Etienne Van der Belen and Laurence Vielle. Music: Matthieu Ha, Lighting : Frédéric Vannes, Costumes : Véronique Leyens. Tour to Tournai.

French script:

PDF - 222.6 kb

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