September 7 to October 20, 2012 at Le Théâtre Le Public Brussels).

Orphéon Bilboquet is not a name that is easy to wear every day. But this is perhaps what makes Orphéon an open and very curious poet. It’s not by chance he meets Elmer Etcetera in a museum. A love story starts in front of a painting by Bonnard. Orphéon is a public writer, Elmer is a politician. Both have dreams of a better world and a brighter future for every human being. Orphéon and Elmer face the sea, and believe they are close to happiness. But the hatred of men - and his cruel raccoon - are always there to sow terror in the most beautiful love stories.

From Stanislas Cotton, directed by Virginia Thirion, with Pietro Pizzuti and Alexander Trocki.
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