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MartO, a widely acclaimed sexy clown, has sent the audience ratings through the ceiling. She is the star presenter of « Pop-Corn, the show where you squirm if you can! ». The most politically incorrect TV show of the decade. The rules of the game are clear: she invites the most prominent politicians and personalities, fires trick questions and obscure insinuations at them and then takes great delight in seeing them squirm in the white-hot cauldron of her TV studio. No holds are barred, including taking questions from viewers. Result: two hours of irresistible television madness. MartO, with her red nose and clad in her rainbow suit, is unstoppable: her sex appeal and professionalism make her untouchable. Her superiors protect her … until the day a decision from « on high » is taken to suspend her from her duties. That same evening, she knocks on the door of the General Administrator of the TV station: Maude Brassin, her ex.

The characters:

MartO: late thirties, despite her cheek she is in not at all vulgar. Her sensual beauty contrasts with her irreverent deceitfulness. Her red nose and agreeable figure are her best allies.

Maude Brassin: early forties; her natural elegance wittingly masks what motivates her: a desire to exercise her professional duties with integrity.

French script:

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